Scientists stunned by discovery in Oncology: how to actually cancer forms

Ученые ошеломил открытием в онкологии: как на самом деле образуется рак

According to doctors, cancer is not a death sentence, and researchers have dispelled a few myths

Experts have dispelled myths about cancer. So, people in remission do not always live in just five years. The life expectancy is influenced by many factors and, in most cases, the disease not manifest much longer.

According to some people, Smoking is not as dangerous as air pollution. Only here according to statistics, approximately 90% of cancer patients, when struck by light, were smokers.

Also a myth is that cancer cause hygiene. In particular, the Israeli scientists have found that soap and shampoo can cause cancer.

Ученые ошеломил открытием в онкологии: как на самом деле образуется рак

In addition, information about the damage and radiation from phones also proved to be untrue, and it is not diagnosed with cancer.

In addition, experts say — cancer is inherited in only 5-10%, but not in all cases.

According to experts, cancer should not be afraid, especially in the early stages. At the first ailments should run to the doctor.

Recall that cholesterol is not the cause of atherosclerosis, it is impossible to overeat, and it can even rise in lean people. This was stated by nutritionists.

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Ученые ошеломил открытием в онкологии: как на самом деле образуется рак

There are myths about the dangers of cholesterol. In particular, the fact that he is to blame for obesity. However, obesity and high cholesterol are only associated with an unhealthy intestinal flora.

In addition, it is believed that the excess substance in the diet is dangerous, but we know that 80% of cholesterol the liver produces itself and only 20% it takes from food.

Earlier we wrote that the consumption of pineapple and pineapple juice helps with back pain and spinal disorders.

This effect of the plant scientists associated with the action of the enzyme bromelain.

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