Scientists said that koalas are now considered extinct: “nothing to save”

Ученые заявили, что коалы теперь считаются вымершими: "ничто не спасет"

In Australia said that koalas are now considered to be functionally extinct

Today there are 80 million members of the species. However, this is not enough to reproduce a new generation, reports

Their population has declined so that now does not affect the environment. In addition, there are at least adults, are able to multiply. Now, any genetic disease can completely destroy.

Ученые заявили, что коалы теперь считаются вымершими: "ничто не спасет"

The main cause of extinction is global warming, which contributes to climate change in Australia. Thousands of koalas die from dehydration due to the increase in temperature. Koalas also suffer because of the destruction of forests.

“I urge the new Prime Minister after the may elections to adopt a Law on the protection of koalas, which was written and ready to go from 2016. The plight of koalas now falls on his shoulders,” — said the President of the Australian Koala Foundation Deborah tabart.

According to the Fund, animals do not remain in 41 out of 128 Federal territories where they had lived.

In Australia, the little brown rodent was the first official victim of global warming. Thus, the Ministry of environment and energy of the country has made reef mosaicisti rats in the list of extinct animals. About the disappearance of this species due to climate change, scientists said in 2016.

Note that in the UK, the cat saved the owner from breast cancer. This wonderful cat named Missy (Missy) in the English city of Newcastle. Her owner Angela Tinning says that the cat “is not very affectionate and rather irritable”, so not much went on hands and fins.

Ученые заявили, что коалы теперь считаются вымершими: "ничто не спасет"

But a few years ago Missy started acting “atypical” was mistress to lie down like she was jumping on her chest. The woman listened to the sensations, I realized that in the breast of her pain, and went to the doctors. Those found in tissue pre-cancerous cells and underwent surgery to remove them.

Since then two years have passed, and since then the “unfriendly” Missy began to behave like the last time before surgery. This time Tinning not experienced chest pain, but decided to conduct a thorough examination. The biopsy showed that women had developed early-stage breast cancer, she had to have a mastectomy — surgery to remove the mammary glands.

Recall that scientists have found dinosaur-demon.

As reported Politeka, scientists have shown remarkably preserved dinosaur.

Also Politeka wrote: scientists have discovered a dinosaur-“the cleaner” with super hearing and sight.