Scientists said how the cuckoo adapt the size of their eggs

Ученые рассказали, как кукушки адаптируют размеры своих яиц

The study was conducted by scientists from Russia, Ukraine and the UK.

A group of scientists, ornithologists conducted a study on the eggs of warblers, as well as deaf cuckoos, are parasitic in the nests of these birds. About it writes the edition Nplus1.

The Warbler is a small migratory birds, and they often become “victims” of the deaf cuckoos. Ornithologists from Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom found that cuckoos have learned to choose the size of their own eggs to toss them in someone else’s nest. Thus, the Chicks fall to “foster parents”.

It is remarkable, that the cuckoos have learned to “adapt” their eggs are the size of the eggs of other birds. They choose similar not only in color but also in width and size in General. Cuckoo thus increases the chances that the “adoptive parents” did not notice, and therefore not get rid of them.

According to ornithologists, that width birds can tell their eggs from others. Deaf cuckoo’s pretty tricky, and throw the most big balls in those families where Chicks fed two “parent”.


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