Scientists said gray hair men talk about the problems with the heart

Ученые заявили, что седые волосы у мужчин говорят о проблемах с сердцем

Gray hair in men can talk about serious illness, life-threatening

Scientists from Cairo University conducted a study, which was attended by 545 adult men.

Experts found that men with more gray hair often faced with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The results did not depend on the age of the volunteers.

Ученые заявили, что седые волосы у мужчин говорят о проблемах с сердцем

Researchers evaluated the prevalence and degree of gray hair among participants with coronary artery disease, usually associated with atherosclerosis. The researchers took into account age and major risk factors of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and Smoking.

The study showed that participants with coronary heart disease hair was more gray. In addition, the level of calcification of the coronary arteries, they have proved to be higher than in volunteers without ischemic heart disease.

According to scientists, the atherosclerosis and the appearance of gray hair common causes — the violation of the process of DNA repair, oxidative stress, inflammation, hormonal changes and the aging of cells.

Add Finnish scientists in the result of 10 years research has determined how men can avoid a heart attack.

For a long period of time scientists have worked with thousands of men aged 45 to 64 years. By studying health indicators of participants, capturing age-related changes, and analyzing the pressure and changes in blood composition, scientists came to the conclusion that the level of lycopene in the blood may influence the risk of heart attacks.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant, which not only slows down the process of oxidation in the body, but also blocks free radicals is several times better than other known antioxidants.

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Ученые заявили, что седые волосы у мужчин говорят о проблемах с сердцем

According to studies, if men regularly consume foods with a high content of lycopene, they can minimize the risk of a heart attack two times. Among the products known for a high content of lycopene doctor called tomatoes.

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