Scientists revealed the relationship of language with human thinking process

Ученые выявили связь языка с процессом мышления человека

The experts came to the conclusion that people from different countries can have a different perception of the world.

Many believe that language is a means of conveying thoughts from one mind to another, but then the question arises, and it influence how a person thinks.

A psychologist from the University of Oxford I am sure that different languages affect the brain and the thinking of man. For example, in the world among the large number of languages there are those who have an incredible palette of colors is extended to those who in his speech limited to the use of multiple designations of color. And it’s not just names, but the speakers of these languages do perceive colors differently.

Sources Planet Today, in different languages there are words that can describe the feeling that people are not able to understand if you are not a native speaker. So, there is no English equivalent for the German word sehnsucht, which means “dissatisfaction with an imperfect reality, combined with the longing for the ideal”.

Often people trying to translate into another language the usual sense of smell, taste, moods, can’t do that – they know the words, but not able to deliver all their brightness to another person because of the lack in the language of these definitions.

So, in some languages there are two translations of the color “blue”, and in Latin there is no direct definition of “Yes” and “no”. It is worth noting that people can perfectly communicate and understand each other without language. Also do the animals. However, it is the language of perception and concentrates attention on the separate factors of reality and sharpens cognitive abilities.

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