Scientists predicted that the explosion of the moon to destroy humanity

Scientists have predicted that in case of explosion the Moon, all mankind will perish.

The researchers believes that if the Moon explodes, soon the Ground will quickly lose its atmosphere will begin to rotate much faster. In addition, a satellite of the planet has the strongest impact on the position of the Earth’s axis. Thanks to him, all the changing seasons occur consistently. If the Moon will explode, the poles will be warmer and the glaciers will melt and the equator will start freezing. According to another version, in case of explosion of the satellite just the world’s oceans will flood the land. In addition, fragments of the moon fall to the Earth because of the force of gravity, which will lead to a “nuclear winter”. It is noted that this is just theory. Actually the satellite is that nothing is in danger.

Earlier, radio Amateur from Nizhny Tagil found at the Dyatlov pass UFO.

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