Scientists pointed out the dangerous mistake when taking medicine: it increases risk of death

Ученые указали на опасную ошибку при приеме лекарств:  повышает риск смерти

One error in the admission of drugs may not only reduce the treatment no, but also lead to death

Scientists from Medical school of Stanford University said that the omission of taking statins by 20% increases the risk of death. According to experts, the most disciplined in taking statins – men, while women, as well as the most old and most young people are quite often forget to take the pill. The results of this study published in the journal JAMA Cardiology.

Ученые указали на опасную ошибку при приеме лекарств:  повышает риск смерти

The authors state: more than one third of patients with cardiovascular disease, which the doctor prescribes statins for lowering cholesterol and ignore the rule of daily administration of drugs, using drugs only in distress.

Scientists emphasize: people who act 100% accordingly to the recommendations of the attending cardiologist, “certainly have the advantage” in terms of protection against premature death.

Experts analyzed the medical records of 347 104 patients with cardiovascular diseases of atherosclerotic nature, which at one time was prescribed statins. These patients were followed for three years, during this period, about a quarter of them died. Calculating the risk of death of patients on the basis of the frequency of statins, the researchers found that omissions in the administration of these drugs correlate with the risk of death increased by 20%.

“Many patients are persecuting the very idea that the drugs they have to take life, and perceived the treatment as something short-term. Women not taking statins regularly, because most underestimate the risk of heart disease.

Ученые указали на опасную ошибку при приеме лекарств:  повышает риск смерти

Younger patients may simply not believe that they can die, and the elderly often lose their statins among other medications. Doctors must somehow convince, to force patients to take medication daily,” said the scientists in the publication of the journal.

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