Scientists: One product is able to prevent heart disease

English daily newspaper the Daily Mail reported that scientists at Harvard University have found out what product is best helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

This product turned out to be nuts, any kind (almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts) and peanuts.
According to studies, people who ate one handful of walnuts per week, the risk was reduced by 18%. Peanuts, in turn, reduces the risk by 15%. In a large-scale study involved 200 thousand people.
However, to get involved in this product it is not worth it – if you eat more than two handfuls, then no it won’t help.
Previously, scientists has made a statement about the fact that nuts help to prevent such dangerous and common diseases as diabetes, cancer and others. They do such valuable antioxidants, minerals, fiber, proteins and nutrients found in the composition.

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