Scientists named the easiest way to lower blood pressure

Ученые назвали простой способ понизить артериальное давление

Scientists conducted a study and found out how to lower blood pressure people suffering from hypertension

Scientists from University College London say: the temperature in the house can affect the levels of blood pressure. According to scientists, if the house is kept relatively low temperature, the person is automatically in a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and hypertension.

The researchers stated that “the temperature in the house can play an important role in blood pressure”, after studying information about 4 659 people aged 16 years.

Ученые назвали простой способ понизить артериальное давление

Scientists recorded the following parameters: the lifestyle of the volunteers, the temperature in their homes, the parameters of blood pressure, strength of heart contractions, plasticity of blood vessels.

Comparing the obtained data, the researchers found that cold housing can have a negative impact on indicators of pressure, contribute to their growth. The people who lived in houses with lower temperature had on average higher pressure.

In particular, their systolic pressure averaged 126,64 millimeters, while people from warm houses 121,12 of a millimeter. Diastolic blood pressure in these groups correlated as 74,52 mm to 70,51 of a millimeter.

“Reducing the temperature by each degree given increase in systolic blood pressure of 0.48 mm and 0.45 mm diastolic pressure,” elaborated on the authors of the project.

According to scientists, the optimum temperature in the house for healthy pressure can be considered to heat in the range of 21-23 degrees Celsius.

Recall, blood pressure, a dangerous threshold: the doctors have set a new standard

American doctors have changed the meaning of the dangerous threshold of blood pressure. So, before the limit of the normal pressure was considered to be an indicator of 120/80, and to sound the alarm the doctors began at the moment when the blood pressure showed values of 140/90.

Ученые назвали простой способ понизить артериальное давление

According to a new report from the American heart Association, the threat threshold was lowered to the level of 130/80. According to doctors, now systolic pressure of 130 to 139 in diastolic 80-89 are considered signs of hypertensive heart disease in the first degree. This diagnosis should at least be a “yellow light”, signaling the need to change something.

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