Scientists named the best product for the health of the heart

Ученые назвали лучший продукт для сохранения здоровья сердца

Scientists named the best product for healthy, strong heart

Persimmon is the best product for people who suffer from hypertension. To such conclusion scientists came after a series of studies.

It turned out that in hurma there are substances which strengthen blood vessels and help stabilize blood pressure and ensure prevention of atherosclerosis.

Ученые назвали лучший продукт для сохранения здоровья сердца

In the persimmon contains vitamins P and C, the combination of which is considered to be the fountain of youth. It maintains the body’s hyaluronic acid, which strengthens the capillaries and improves skin condition.

Persimmons are also useful for people with cardiovascular disease, because its fruits contain very useful for “core” potassium and magnesium.

Potassium regulates heart rate and cleanses the body of toxins. While the magnesium removes from the body excess cholesterol and, in addition, promotes muscle relaxation.

Notably, persimmon in Latin is called “Diospyros” — translated as “food of the gods”.

Ученые назвали лучший продукт для сохранения здоровья сердца

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We will remind, doctors have discovered an unexpected benefit fat: how better is the product

The composition of the fat was carefully studied by the experts of the University of Munich. It turned out that the product contains arachidonic acid, which is part of the essential vitamin F. Arachidonic acid is part of cell membranes, stimulates the heart muscle. Acids contained in fat, have a choleretic effect and contribute to the formation in the liver of “good” cholesterol and the breakdown of “bad”. In fat also contains monounsaturated oleic acid that protects the liver and kidneys from oxidation products, in addition, it prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Toxicologists from Higher medical school of Toronto has also studied the microbiological composition of fat and found that it promotes the excretion of toxic substances, in particular radionuclides.

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