Scientists: Men are more likely than women to become dependent on smartphones

Ученые: Мужчины чаще женщин попадают в зависимость от смартфонов

Chinese doctors have found that men are more likely to become dependent on smartphones than women. This is indicated by the results of studies conducted among students consented to participate in the observations of the authors of the project.
In their study, the researchers of the School of public health Medical College of Vandana involved heterosexual students. Participants in the experiment tried to find out how often they use smartphones. The researchers took into account their demographic status and the psycho-behavioral characteristics.

After reviewing the information received from the 1441 students, researchers found that, on average, 29.8% of participants of both sexes to recognize dependent smartphones. While among males there were more than among young women was 30.3% and 29.3%. Different and the purpose for which used the gadgets boys and girls. The first mainly played games, while the second visited a social network. Common to dependent devices people was that they felt health had signs of depression and suffered from sleep disorders.

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