Scientists made a mistake with the number of rivers and lakes on Earth

This discovery that could revolutionize the scientific world, was made by scientists from the University of North Carolina. According to the results of calculations made by the computer, the new overall area of rivers exceed previous numbers almost in half.

Ученые ошиблись с количеством рек и озер на Земле


This topic is of particular interest to climatologists, because waterways play a very important role. Rivers and lakes contribute to global warming, as they also evaporate into the atmosphere of various greenhouse gases.

In this regard, researchers have a special interest in the waterways, and they decided once again to calculate their total area. In the end it turned out that the scientists made a mistake with the number of rivers and lakes on Earth. They used data obtained from an orbiting satellite NASA Landsat, which for the count loaded into the neural network. The computer has analyzed thousands of photos and gave a result that differed from the earlier views of specialists on the number of rivers and lakes.

In accordance with the new indicators on Earth is 773 thousand square kilometers of rivers, which is 44% higher than the previous data. Made when calculating the error says that mankind has misjudged the level of influence of rivers in climate processes.

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