Scientists: In the process of formation of new stars has helped “the Cosmic serpent”

The scientists said that in the process of formation of new stars in outer space played a major role of the “Cosmic snake”. To such conclusion experts have come after using new methods of observation.

Galaxy under the interesting name “the Cosmic serpent” gave rise to the formation of new stars that appeared in the cosmos. These findings helped scientists to make the newly developed theory of gravitational lensing, which they have applied in this case. Using the above method, the experts were able to consider the distant education in the depths of space that were not previously visible. Galaxy “Cosmic snake” is a unique cluster of stars.

In the end, lensing, scientists began to see more clearly the points of space that were previously closed due to the location of galaxies, which are placed one behind the other. Thus, the researchers were able to make discoveries about the birth of new stars in the Universe. The detailed monitoring procedures scientists published in the Nature publication Astronomy.

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