Scientists: In the ice on Mars can be maintained bacteria

Scientists said that the ice on Mars could be bacteria. They conducted experiments on bacteria, creating conditions similar to the Martian.

On Mars the average temperature minus 65 degrees Celsius. Closer to the poles the temperature can drop to 145 degrees below zero. All of the microorganisms in the studies underwent a series of tests. This took the archaea and bacteria that have spent millions of years old glaciers, and survived to the present day.

Bacteria were tested for resistance to low temperatures, pressure, and to high levels of radiation, which is the main problem for people on the red planet. After all the research, scientists concluded that Mars may well be the microorganisms. They added that they may have been preserved in the surface soil, and maybe a few meters deeper, as the deeper the soil, the lower the radiation. Some British scientists said microorganisms on the red planet no, because such a long effect of radiation on the soil making it poisonous, and no bacteria can survive there.

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