Scientists: In 2019, the Earth can fall a hundred-meter asteroid 2002 NT7

Scientists said that the Earth is approaching asteroid, called 2002 NT7. In addition, experts note that the space body may have in 2019 to fall on our planet.

These data appeared in the media. In addition, the supporters of the conspiracy theory believe that NASA specifically withheld this information from the General public.

According to experts, the asteroid 2002 NT7 refers to the number of threatening our planet. This object moves along a straight path to the Ground.

Scientists have found that the 13 January 2019 asteroid 2002 NT7 will fall to the Ground. This drop will cause large-scale destruction and the deaths of many people. That is why experts decided to give publicity to this information in order to warn the population of the Earth.

While in the American space Agency had no immediate comment on the statements of experts.

Let us add that the space object 2002 NT7 belongs to the group of planetoids asteroids, and its diameter is two kilometers.

Discovered the asteroid in 2002. Even then, NASA took the space object for the group is potentially dangerous for our planet. As noted by NASA employees despite the danger of an asteroid, the odds of it hitting Earth are very small.

Therefore, in the near future, space object is not a serious danger, “blue” planet.

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