Scientists have warned coffee lovers: not useful Smoking

Ученые предупредили любителей кофе: не полезнее курение

American scientists have warned about the dangers of flavored beverage without which many can not even imagine my morning

American oncologists have stated that regular consumption of coffee increases the risk of lung cancer. According to them, even a couple of cups a day of this hot drink has a negative impact on people’s health.

This was told by one of the participants of the annual meeting of the American Association of cancer researchers, she passed on March 31. Oncologist Zhu Jingjing of Tennessee and his team were able to compile data from several large studies examining the causes of the formation and development of lung cancer. All were analyzed over a million people and 20.5 thousand of them found this form of the disease.

Ученые предупредили любителей кофе: не полезнее курение

The oncologist said that his group was difficult to identify and to separate the two factors affecting the development of lung cancer — Smoking and drinking coffee. Scientists note, very often people mix them up, because there was a risk of incorrect interpretation of results. Despite this, the oncologists failed to establish that smokers who regularly consume coffee have increased by 41% chance of getting lung cancer, but Smoking lovers of this drink, the figure was 37%.

These results surprised even the experts. Zhu Jingjing said, decaf is suddenly more dangerous than the traditional version of the drink. American oncologists found in this issue of the relationship between age, gender, nationality and income level, the results of all of these groups were similar.

We will note, earlier the doctors forbade the patients to drink coffee because it is a direct way to gastritis and even gastric ulcers.

Ученые предупредили любителей кофе: не полезнее курение

Drinking coffee does not cause ulcers. This idea was finally abandoned after 2005 were identified the true cause of stomach ulcers is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Some time it was assumed that, perhaps, coffee can play the role of a predisposing factor. But this idea was abandoned, since it is not found in coffee anything that could stimulate the development of erosion processes in the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum.

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