Scientists have warned about the dangers of six-hour sleep: the result is invisible, but terrible

Ученые предупредили об опасности шестичасового сна: результат незаметен, но ужасен

Shocking facts about the lack of sleep, the scientists told

At the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia conducted an interesting experiment. In the study of sleep deprivation involved 48 adults. Their sleep was reduced to two weeks up to four, six and eight hours. Other haven’t slept for two days.

All the time in the lab every 2 hours tested as subjects (with the exception of the hours allotted for sleep), checked cognitive function and reaction time. They were also asked how they themselves assess their condition, how sleepy I feel.

Ученые предупредили об опасности шестичасового сна: результат незаметен, но ужасен

Subjects who slept for 8 hours a day, had the best performance of cognitive processes. People who slept 4 hours a day, every day understood all worse and worse. And those who slept for 6 hours, kept mental abilities at a high level to approximately the tenth day of the experiment. That’s only in the last few days they have accomplished the test task is just as bad as the people who were sleep deprived at all.

Scientists were surprised by the fact that people who slept for 6 hours, didn’t feel sleepy. They didn’t even know how much worse their results.

People deprived of sleep, felt more and more sleepy, and talked about it. At the end of the experiment they wanted to sleep twice more than in the beginning. But after six hours sleep, the subjects felt only a little sleepy. Although their performance cognitive performance did not differ from that of those who do not sleep. This discovery raises an important question: how do people cope with the shortage of sleep, if they don’t even know what it is?

A study of the University of Chicago showed that people often overestimate the amount of sleep as underestimating him. Another observation showed that people overestimate the sleep time on average 0.8 hours.

This means that if you think you slept 7 hours, it’s possible that you actually rested a total of 6. Turns out, no one can say exactly how much he sleeps and when you sleep. All believe that sleep more than it actually is.

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Ученые предупредили об опасности шестичасового сна: результат незаметен, но ужасен

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