Scientists have uncovered the truth about popular healthy foods: “causes cancer”

Ученые раскрыли правду о популярном продукте здорового питания: "вызывает рак"

That the substance causes cancer, has long been known, but it is silent

British scientists at the University of Sussex spoke about the dangers of substance aspartame — the sweetener that replaces sugar.

As it turned out, the substance may pose a risk to human health. However, the European Agency for food safety (EFSA) is silent about the harm that has already been proved.

As noted by experts, the lethality of aspartame (E951) found in 1974. It is emphasized that the product can harm the brain and cause neuroendocrine disorders, and also to form malignant tumors in the liver and lungs.

Ученые раскрыли правду о популярном продукте здорового питания: "вызывает рак"

Recall that scientists at the University Perdana University (Malaysia) the study found that some sweets may be linked to cancer.

The list includes: lollipops, cupcakes, brownies (brownie) and sweet drinks.

Experts say that fault to all the icing and dyes. In particular, cakes and cupcakes with frosting make children attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and cancer. The researchers recommend the use of treats with natural dyes.

Candy was on the list because of the dyes. In addition, the sweetness is genetically modified corn syrup, which causes swelling.

Sweet carbonated water are very harmful and it for anybody not a secret. It destroys the bone from the inside.

The composition of the hot chocolate, hydrogenated oil and refined sugar, which is very bad for the body.

Ученые раскрыли правду о популярном продукте здорового питания: "вызывает рак"

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Cakes brownies consist of genetically modified oil, so it is recommended to cook them yourself from natural ingredients.

We will note, earlier the scientists said that the fish prevents the development of cancer. This became known after research with the help of 500 thousand Europeans.

You need to eat herring, mackerel and salmon three times a week to prevent the development of tumors. Fish contains fatty acids omega-3, useful for its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, these products protect against heart disease and destruction of brain cells.

By the way, cancer risks would be at zero, if you eat garlic and onions, tomato juice and yogurt and broccoli and white cabbage.

Recall, the scientists named the most harmful product.

As reported Politeka, the doctors called a product that would help with high blood pressure.

Also Politeka wrote that experts have called the top 4 of the most useful products of autumn.