Scientists have uncovered the secret to a perfect relationship

Ученые раскрыли секрет идеальных отношений

How to keep a relationship warm for many years to stop fighting? Scientists followed couples for 13 years and seem to have found the answer

Long-term study showed that over time an open confrontation in marriage gives way to humor and acceptance.

Psychologists from the University of California, Berkeley, watched couples of different ages for 13 years and noticed that over time in relationships jokes more and more prevailed over quarrels. Usually, couples who found each other in has this kind of trait.
Ученые раскрыли секрет идеальных отношений
A study conducted by the laboratory of Professor Robert Levinson, who deals with the problems of aging.

According to the Professor, the experiment demonstrated a paradox: despite the loss of friends and family members, spouses in old age was relatively happy and was more joking than fighting.

They were divided into two categories: middle-aged (40-50 years at least 15 years of marriage) and older (60-70 years, a minimum of 35 years of marriage). All participants were of heterosexual orientation. The observation lasted 13 years and took place in three waves. The interval between the waves was five or six years. During each of them and their spouses were interviewed in the laboratory, which revealed the details of their life together and the differences that showed up and stayed since that time.

After analyzing the responses of all pairs, the authors came to the conclusion that wives became emotionally expressive compared to men and tended to manifest less attachment, but more domineering behavior. However, in the whole sample decreased the number of negative statements and expressions of negative emotions.

Psychologists have suggested that marriage can bring more benefits associated with positive emotions, the number of which increases in older age at cohabitation.

Ученые раскрыли секрет идеальных отношений

Thus, the spouses stop arguing with each other and swear a few decades of living together, when quarrels begin is with humor.

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