Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the bronze age: this is a breakthrough in science

Ученые раскрыли главную тайну бронзового века: это прорыв в науке

Archaeologists first came to unraveling one of the main mysteries of the bronze age

German researchers have partially solved the mystery of the origin of tin, widely used in the bronze age, which until recently was considered one of the main mysteries in archaeological research.

As reported on the website of the Heidelberg University, the scientists used methods of the natural Sciences. They examined the tin, dated to the second Millennium BC and was found during archaeological excavations in Israel, Turkey and Greece.

Ученые раскрыли главную тайну бронзового века: это прорыв в науке

It turned out that the tin in bars in the specified period of time came from Europe. Similar evidence is presented for the first time. In addition, the discovery suggests that during the bronze age between Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean there was a complex and long trade routes. The driving force behind this trade, in addition to tin, was amber, glass and copper.

“Bronze was used to manufacture weapons, jewellery and all kinds of everyday objects, rightfully giving his name to an era of human existence. However, the origin of tin has long been a mystery to archaeological research, since tin items and deposits were rather rare in Europe and Asia”, says Dr. Ernst Pernicka.

Regarding the Eastern Mediterranean, this region had its own fields. That is, the raw materials it had to be imported.

Isotopic analyses of ancient tin ingots from Turkey, Israel and Greece was allowed to prove that they were obtained from deposits in Europe. For example, tin products from Israel in its composition are largely consistent with tin from Cornwall and Devon in the UK.

Ученые раскрыли главную тайну бронзового века: это прорыв в науке

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