Scientists have uncovered the first symptoms of imminent death, details of sensational discoveries

Ученые раскрыли первые симптомы скорой смерти, детали сенсационного открытия

The scientists said that one experiences before death

At the fifth scientific Congress of the European Academy of neurology reported on a study “near-death” of the human experience. The conclusion was that one in ten people experiencing spiritual and physical symptoms, out of body experiences, hallucinations of sight or hearing.

The experiment involved representatives of 35 countries, and they were divided into 2 groups: those that had no danger to life, and people who really were in an emergency situation (heart attack, accident, almost drowning, etc.)

Ученые раскрыли первые симптомы скорой смерти, детали сенсационного открытия

A mystical near-death experiences, including out-of-body sensations, visual or auditory hallucinations, a kaleidoscope of thoughts distortion of time, I felt only 10% of people. This told the scientists at the Congress. However, these near-death experiences happened in both groups of participants.

Experience, which is most often reported by the participants in the study included: abnormal perception of time (87%), exceptional speed of thought (65%), exceptionally bright feelings (63%) and the feeling of being separated from their body (53%).

The research team reported near-death experiences, variously described feeling full of peace: “drain soul”, heard angels singing, aware that we are outside his body, saw the picture of his life, was in a dark tunnel before you reach the bright light. Was version and that the participants felt the presence of another person before going to sleep, or demon sitting on their chest while they lay paralyzed, unable to move.

Quite a lot of participants called their suicide feeling unpleasant — such was 73%. And only 27% said that it was nice.

Ученые раскрыли первые симптомы скорой смерти, детали сенсационного открытия

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“Our main discovery is that we confirmed the relationship of near-death experiences with the intrusion of REM sleep. It may advance our understanding of near-death experiences,” concluded Dr. Daniel Kondziela, a neuroscientist from the University of Copenhagen.

Note that the London researchers conducted a study, which reviewed numerous scientific papers on healthy sleep and associated problems. As a result, the experts have completely refuted the myth that a person need five hours of sleep. According to scientists, you should sleep at least seven or eight hours a day. In addition, it cannot be considered that it is useful to sleep several times a day for half an hour.


Recall that scientists have named the ideal duration of sleep.

As reported Politeka what terrible disease can cause sleep deprivation.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have found that sleep drugs life-threatening.