Scientists have uncovered five ways to increase self-esteem: it will help

Ученые раскрыли пять способов для повышения самооценки: это поможет

Psychologists are confident that low self-esteem affects the health of the person

About it reports the edition The level of self-esteem begins to form in childhood. Psychologists believe that this process takes place consciously in the period of adolescence is about 20-25 years.

The publication also notes that it is important to have their point of view on any situation and not become dependent on others opinions.

Thus, psychologists have identified five ways of working that will help to raise self-esteem:

1) no need to compare yourself with others (in social networks often flashed pictures of successful and happy people, however it is not necessary to despair);

2) down with criticism (self-abasement and self-flagellation will only prevent a person to become better);

Ученые раскрыли пять способов для повышения самооценки: это поможет

3) don’t ignore the choice of the right environment (to better communicate with those who have a constantly positive attitude and have a great desire to develop);

4) watch out for health (revision of eating habits and pay attention to lifestyle);

5) visualize your own desires (dream and implement their whims).

These five simple tips will help to increase self-esteem and enjoy the result.

Ученые раскрыли пять способов для повышения самооценки: это поможет

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The notion that yoga can feed, not only to demand sacrifice and renunciation, is unlikely to be open to those who noticed the loyal followers of yoga in designer clothes. Of course, it is difficult to say how Buddhist teachings affect their “bloated”, “I”. Of course, yoga may not be enough to “provoke” these changes. As is clear by the fact that one psychological study does not negate thousands of years of Buddhist teachings and practices.

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