Scientists have talked about the fatal mistake of doctors: “Increases the risk of death”

Ученые рассказали о роковой ошибке врачей: "Увеличивает риск смерти"

Scientists have found what the doctors in the rescue of human life can be fatal and lead to death of patients

Doctors do not take into account the growth of patients in the appointment of those or other types of therapy and medication and it is a huge mistake, scientists say.

A new study by canadian scientists has shown that patients in intensive care units are at high risk to die if they have low growth. But in tall patients, on the contrary, survival rate is better, even if they are very sick.

Ученые рассказали о роковой ошибке врачей: "Увеличивает риск смерти"

These are the results of a study involving more than 400,000 patients. It showed that approximately every 5th (20%) is very high, the patient dies in intensive care, but men are not tall, this figure rises to 29.2%. In women the figure of death moves from 17.1% to 24.1 per cent decrease in growth.

The fact that and pharmaceuticals in their dosage, and a medical equipment designed for people in middle and even high growth. And low patients require smaller doses, but doctors often do not pay attention.

This is especially true of the sedating drugs in case of overdose can cause severe drowsiness and respiratory failure. Also a threat to present and tube for intubation of the wrong size can damage the vocal cords of men of small stature.

The main message of this study can be considered a call for doctors to pay more attention to the growth of patients and have to do corrections in the appointment of those or other types of treatment.

Ученые рассказали о роковой ошибке врачей: "Увеличивает риск смерти"

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