Scientists have struck new insights: this group of blood are dangerous for health

Ученые поразили новыми выводами: эта группа крови опасна для здоровья

People with this blood group are higher risks of Contracting terrible diseases

Scientists at Harvard University reported that people with a fourth blood group most affected by cancer. To this conclusion they came, after a series of massive studies.

Thus, experts have said that AB (IV) Rh negative RH is a dangerous factor. Only owners of the fourth group there are 8%.

A similar study was conducted by specialists of the University of Vermont which found that the owners of this group are often recorded problems with thinking and memory.

Ученые поразили новыми выводами: эта группа крови опасна для здоровья

Similar work was conducted by scientists at the University of Vermont, who found problems with thinking and memory. People with fourth blood group are also greater risks of developing dementia and stroke, plus low immunity.

We will remind, doctors have analyzed the research conducted for 50 years in hospitals in the UK.

As it turned out, people with first blood is the least susceptible to cancer.

The second group is prone to the formation of tumors in the stomach. And in patients with third and fourth groups is a huge likelihood of cancer of the pancreas.

The main cause of cancer began Smoking, alcohol abuse and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

And the people from the first group, though less susceptible to cancer, but most of all suffering from norovirus, as well as pick up Helicobacter pylori that become the cause of ulcers and gastritis.

People who have red face after drinking alcohol may develop hypertension and some types of cancer.

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The researchers came to this conclusion after comparing blood pressure in two groups of men.

The first group was flushed from drinking, and the other is not. That is the testimony of the first spoke of the risk of hypertension.

Ученые поразили новыми выводами: эта группа крови опасна для здоровья

The other half of the men in this group red face testified, and the risk of developing tumors in the throat and esophagus.

The probability of disease was very high in comparison with those who face did not change.

According to experts, reaction of the body indicates a high content of decomposition products of ethanol in the blood.

Earlier we wrote that ovarian cancer is rarely detected in its early stages because its symptoms are very vague.

Recall that nutritionists have called products that effect on people as drugs.

As reported Politeka, scientists call the products that ruin the mood: “it affects not only the stomach.”

Also Politeka wrote that popular products cause cancer, “Delicious, but dangerous.”