Scientists have struck an incredible find in Egypt: “long before the pharaohs and pyramids”

Ученые поразили невероятной находкой в Египте: "задолго до фараонов и пирамид"

Archaeologists conducted an expedition into the desert in the West of Egypt and learned about the life of primitive people on the banks of the Nile

Scientists have found a burial of the Neolithic period, which helped them to explore the features of the lives of the early Egyptians, writes Teso.

As the authors of a study they recently conducted a scientific expedition, which studied the peculiarities of life and culture of the ancient Egyptians during the Neolithic period from 9300 to 4000 ad.

Ученые поразили невероятной находкой в Египте: "задолго до фараонов и пирамид"

Scientists have found about six of the graves of the ancestors of the pharaohs, who lived in the Neolithic period in the West of Egypt near the Nile. It is reported that in the Neolithic period of the Egyptian desert was much wetter that helped the people of that time to multiply and develop their culture.

Archeologists say that the Egyptians who lived during the late Neolithic period, domesticated cattle and goats, processed wild plants, and also created the megaliths, shrines, and calendar circles, vaguely reminiscent of Stonehenge.

At the end of the Neolithic period the ancient Egyptians began to bury people in cemeteries. Based on collected new information, archaeologists have suggested that the Egyptians, who lived in the Neolithic period, people were buried in different places, depending on their status. Also, women far more than men, which may indicate their polygamy.

Scientists have found evidence that the ancient inhabitants of Western Egypt worshiped their dead ancestors and even tried to recover their skeletons.

Ученые поразили невероятной находкой в Египте: "задолго до фараонов и пирамид"

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Recall that researchers continue to speculate about the Egyptian pyramids. The General opinion on the construction of the polyhedron and the number of pharaohs, and burial places — no.

Some suggest that the answers to the questions are deeper than you think. According to Egyptologists, the Pharaoh left to posterity a room, a burial place with the answers. Found a split in the Sphinx became a confirmation of the theory and added intrigue to the research. As told to the researcher of ancient civilizations, Matthew Sibson, a passage at the rear of the Sphinx, which is found in 1679 Johan Wansleben and studied Egyptologist Auguste Mariette in 1853, is unique.

Recall that the Ukrainian archaeologists have unearthed a unique Scythian gold.

As reported Politeka, archaeologists found a cache of ancient Egyptian priest: the mummy – not the most valuable.

Also Politeka wrote that in occupied Crimea found the skeleton of “alien”.