Scientists have struck an incredible discovery of the Pacific ocean: “ice age coming”

Ученые поразили невероятным открытием на дне Тихого океана: «ледниковый период наступает»

Scientists from Harvard University made the discovery in the Pacific ocean

According to them, the temperature of the water in the oceans rapidly increases, but the deep layers of the Pacific ocean these processes do not happen – on the contrary, the temperature continues to decline, and the last 150 years.

Scientists stressed that discovered several of these areas, and they believe that the temperature decrease is a consequence of climatic events, observed in the 17th century.

Ученые поразили невероятным открытием на дне Тихого океана: «ледниковый период наступает»

At that time the Earth experienced a cooling period called the little ice age, it is critically lowered temperatures all over the Northern hemisphere. NASA said three of the surge in cooling — one in 1650, the second in 1770 and the last in 1850, the year.

Only in small intervals this time, there was a slight warming. Scientists have made another very interesting discovery. They believe that due to the onset of global warming, some experts overstated the intensity of heat uptake by ocean waters by 30 percent.

According to experts, on the Ground, particularly in the depths of the Pacific ocean, there are still consequences experienced the little ice age. In addition, in 12 years, according to forecasts, solar activity will decrease by 60 percent, which ultimately will lead not to global warming, and to cold.

Recall that the shore itself and the Atlantic ocean filled with algae. In 2011, scientists first noticed as Sargassum, or “sea grapes” (a genus of marine brown algae) began to bloom at the site of the open ocean between Africa and South America. It really surprised experts, as previously, Sargassum rarely noticed in this area.

Since that time, the flowering sea grape has reached enormous proportions. Algae has invaded the beaches of the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean. As a result, this jeopardized the tourism activities and local fauna.

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Ученые поразили невероятным открытием на дне Тихого океана: «ледниковый период наступает»

Last year Great Atlantic belt of Sargassum has become a huge size, his weight had reached 20 million tons. Such indicators over 2010. In that year, the algae stretched to nine thousand kilometers.

Scientists from South Florida University studied information from satellites, obtained over the last 20 years.

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