Scientists have sounded the alarm because of a new disaster: “we were shocked”

Ученые забили тревогу из-за новой катастрофы: "Это нас шокировало"

In the world of new ecological disaster

At the North pole with snow falls microscopic particles of waste plastic, rubber and fiberglass. To such conclusion scientists from the Institute for polar and marine research Alfred Wegener in Germany and the Swiss Institute of research of snow and avalanches.

As it turned out, the concentration of debris in the snow up to 10 000 particles per liter.

Ученые забили тревогу из-за новой катастрофы: "Это нас шокировало"

This means that even arrived in the Arctic, one of the few unpolluted parts of the world, people will breathe of microplastics along with the air. This influence on the internal organs have not been studied.

It is noted that the samples of snow scientists gathered in the archipelago of Svalbard. In the laboratory the researchers found that many of the particles had a perfectly natural origin. It was, for example, fragments of plant cellulose or animal fur. At the same time in the snow and found fragments of rubber tyres, varnishes, paints and synthetic fabrics.

“We expected to detect some contamination, but the number of micro-plastic, we were shocked,” — said the leader of the expedition, Professor Melanie Bergmann.

“It is obvious that most of the micro-plastic in the snow came from the air,” she added.

Recall that with the help of satellite images, scientists were able to detect the outlines of a pyramid in Antarctica. So, with the help of satellite cards for many years scientists are trying to find unexplored objects on the planet. Recently one of the satellites, a discovery was made in Antarctica. The images show a very clear shape of a pyramid. Some scholars argue that it can be much earlier than those already known today.

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Ученые забили тревогу из-за новой катастрофы: "Это нас шокировало"

Alleged pyramid hidden beneath the ice and snow and, therefore, to explore it, to install origin, will be quite a difficult process. According to the archaeologist, Graham Milson, Nakhodka is located far from the routes and stations of people and excludes modern origin of the pyramid. He believes that the construction could be even older than modern civilization.

The natural nature of the origin of this object eliminates the archaeologist. The scientist says that typically subglacial mountains in Antarctica are rather gentle nature, can not be said about the precise shape of the pyramid was found.

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