Scientists have proven ineffective is popular treatment methods of cancer

Ученые доказали неэффективность популярных методов лечения рака

Scientists have proved that most of the popular cancer treatments are ineffective and deadly

People using homeopathy, herbal infusions, and other alternative ways of treating cancer are two times more likely to die than those treated only with traditional medicine, says the study by Yale University press.

Alternative medicine offers many ways to get rid of the cancer, the effectiveness of which has not been proven by modern science. This includes intake of herbal infusions, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, body cleansing diet, yoga and massage.

Ученые доказали неэффективность популярных методов лечения рака

Experts say that side effects from medical treatment of cancer can be excruciating: nausea, joint pain, fatigue and even infertility.

Massage and acupuncture can improve a patient’s quality of life and help him to cope with the negative side effects of treatment. 48-88 % of patients admitted that they had used such methods of healing during primary therapy.

But unfortunately, many are mistaken about the effectiveness of such measures, believing that they increase the chances of survival. Relief after the sessions, people take for proof that alternative medicine “cures” cancer. There is also massive distrust of big pharmacological companies.

Ученые доказали неэффективность популярных методов лечения рака

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Researchers examined data on 258 patients who resorted to methods of netradicionnogo treatment between 2003 and 2014, and compared with the results of the 1032 patients who did not. For the study of people with incurable forms of cancer, which radiation and chemotherapy can extend life, but at the cost of painful side symptoms.

In the first group after five years since completion of treatment survived with 82.2% in the second – of 86.6%. Comparing the results of experts came to the conclusion that the risk of dying among fans of the alternative methods was higher than 2.08 times.

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Such patients are much more likely to refuse various types of treatment: surgical intervention – 7% (vs. 0.1% in the second group), from chemotherapy to 34.1% (versus 3.2%), from radiation therapy – 53% (vs 2.3%), from hormone therapy and 33.7% (against 2.8%).

Ученые доказали неэффективность популярных методов лечения рака

The authors of the study concluded that non-traditional therapies associated with frequent cases of refusal of proven therapies and higher mortality. Before taking the decision, each patient must clearly understand the consequences of refusal of official medicine in the use of questionable methods.

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