Scientists have proved that because obesity does not increase risk of death

Ученые доказали, что из-за ожирения не возрастает риск смерти

Experts refuted the established opinion.

Canadian scientists conducted a study which showed that obesity in itself does not increase risk of death.

In society it is considered that excess weight is a risk factor for the occurrence of large number of diseases ranging from heart attack to cancer. Also people with standard shape live longer than larger representatives. However, experts found out that the owners of metabolically healthy obesity without other metabolic disorders should not worry about early death.

The experts found that the probability of death of a person with a standard body type, which has no metabolic risk factors, is exactly the same as the representative of companies with excess weight.

To such conclusions scientists came after he studied more than 54 thousand volunteers participated in five different studies. They are divided into categories depending on the size of the obesity and metabolic factors such as blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar.

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