Scientists have predicted the destruction of Russia: five scenarios

Ученые спрогнозировали уничтожение России: пять сценариев

Scientists from the UK published five scenarios of the destruction of the Federation in 2019

The scientists said that they do not rule out a nuclear war between Russia and the United States. If this scenario is implemented, will be destroyed not only Russia, but all the rest of the country.

Under the second scenario, Russia will cease to exist due to the rapid melting of Arctic ice. Scientists stated that Russia is in the area of greatest risk due to the fact that has the longest Maritime border. The British also noted that Russia could suffer because of the planet Nibiru or Yellowstone volcano.

However, the researchers did not explain how the Yellowstone volcano is associated with Russia, because he is in the territory of the United States. Moreover, if the planet Nibiru exists, and it is really close to the Ground, waiting for the death of not only Russia, but other countries as well.

Ученые спрогнозировали уничтожение России: пять сценариев

The last scenario is the beginning of a large-scale war between Ukraine and Russia. According to Brits, the military conflict will provoke the Ukrainian side. They believe that in this case Ukraine support the Western countries that will lead to the beginning of world war III and the destruction of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the former political prisoner told about the collapse of the Russian Federation. After the collapse of Russia will be Ukrainian Kuban, and Siberia will go to China. This was stated by Ukrainian historian and former political prisoner Valentyn Moroz.

“As a state, Russia will soon cease to exist, and in its place produces a lot of the new republics. The main role in this process will play Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Because of this, the Russian Empire will eventually disintegrate. Separated Bashkirs, Tatars, Yakuts, and they are very anti-Moscow.

Ученые спрогнозировали уничтожение России: пять сценариев

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Also recently, about the differences between the Ukrainians from the Russians, the main problem of Ukraine and the Ukrainian army, said captain 1st rank of the US Navy, retired Harry Yuri Tabs. Mental Ukrainians are different from Russians. For example, when Ukrainians are protesting and the police trying to arrest, the other trying to recapture this man. And in Russia when he is arrested, the Russians are just watching and not interfering in it.

To prevent the collapse of Ukraine, it is necessary that Russia has collapsed on some parts. And the collapse of the Russian Empire will only benefit the Russian people, because there are different Nations and cultures.

Recall that the results of the presidential elections is already programmed.

Politeka previously reported, the Ukrainians will be able to choose the President of Ukraine, being in another country.

Also Politeka wrote that the said amount, how much for elections in Ukraine this year.