Scientists have noted an increase in the number of seals in the Thames estuary

Ученые отметили увеличение числа тюленей в устье Темзы

That talks about the improvement of the environmental situation.

Sixty years ago, the Thames estuary were considered ‘biologically dead’ and was largely devoid of wildlife.

But in recent years, seals have returned to the Thames, as well as in coastal and low-lying lands bordering the estuary. Last year scientists made to its list of more than 3,500 grey seals.

Now they begin the first count of the offspring of the seals, to see how suitable the area for breeding.

But there are a number of new threats, including plastic pollution. It is worth to remember and about the outbreak in 2002, which resulted in the loss of almost a quarter of the port seals off the East coast of England.

“We have seen a growing number of, that is brilliant news, but that doesn’t mean they’re still susceptible to threats,” says Thea Cox, a specialist from the University of London.

“It’s nice to see that the waterway is really good for them. We will do everything to keep the population”, — promised the scientists.

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