Scientists have named the product that will prevent obesity: “150 grams”

Ученые назвали продукт, который предотвратит ожирение: «всего 150 грамм»

The experts finally decided on the product that you can eat and it reduces the risk to gain a large number of extra pounds

Japanese scientists had to analyze the diet of the inhabitants of 136 countries.

Was studied not only what people eat. But what kind of lifestyle they lead. It turned out that the slender were those who daily ate 150 grams of rice. Gluten is contained in rice, and the nutrients give a long-lasting feeling of satiety and prevent overeating, scientists say.

Ученые назвали продукт, который предотвратит ожирение: «всего 150 грамм»

However, they also warn that much to get involved with rice still not worth it.

A large number of this product can lead to the development of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

As previously reported, the nutritionists found the culprit of obesity. Only 7 calories of this sauce may result in obesity.

A leading medical doctor and geneticist from the University of Cambridge Giles Yeo (Giles Yeo) warns that one serving of ketchup contains about 7 calories, which may have a significant impact on your waist. In his new book, “Gene Eating” he described in detail how we recruited 15 kg in the interval between 20 and 50 years.

“15 kg of weight gained during 30 years, is about 75 thousand calories or 2500 extra calories per year for men. If you do simple math calculations, you will see that extra seven calories a day for 30 years — enough to gain that extra 50 pounds,” says Professor Yeo.

And even a small portion of tomato ketchup and other sauces leads to a slow and imperceptibly obesity in combination with other harmful foods, which traditionally offered sweet tomato sauces.

Ученые назвали продукт, который предотвратит ожирение: «всего 150 грамм»

The thing is, the doctor explains that as we get older, metabolism slows down and the rate at which the body burns obtained from food energy, slows, leading to accumulation of excess calories. According to experts, our tendency to be overweight due to the evolutionary need to store fat for survival in hard times. In addition, some of us are genetically prone to obesity.

Recall that scientists have predicted obesity a new generation: named for a reason.

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