Scientists have named the product that causes unreal breast growth: “a pleasant fragrance”

Ученые назвали продукт, который вызывает нереальный рост груди: "приятный аромат"

Scientists urged parents to protect children from the harmful effects of this product

According to scientists the Endocrine community, lavender oil promotes abnormal breast growth in teenagers.

As it turned out, certain components of the oils can mimic the female hormone estrogen, while blocking the primary male hormone testosterone.

Experts insist that the oils of lavender has components that destroy the endocrine system. The people breathing pleasant aroma, can face a growth of the breast.

In the end, the researchers asked the parents to protect children and adolescents from the harmful effects of this product.

Ученые назвали продукт, который вызывает нереальный рост груди: "приятный аромат"

We will remind the participant of the contest “Miss Ukraine” Marina the Kios suspected breast augmentation. According to the contest’s chest should be completely natural.

Social networks attacked the girl, she wrote that she’s lying about the naturalness of the breast.

The journalists talked with beauty, and later took her to a plastic surgeon, who with full confidence said breast natural.

Earlier we wrote that the 46-year-old model Heidi Klum was married to a young man. The two spent their honeymoon on vacation. The pair traveled by kayak and sunbathe on the yacht.

The star of world podiums posed in the lower part of the swimsuit covering her chest with an inflatable mattress in the form of a giant female breast. The supermodel also posed in panties turning away from the lens and playfully smiled.

“Posing Topless for her husband”, — has signed one of the pictures star.

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Also recall that the American star Halle berry, known for his roles in the films “X-Men” and “John Wick 3”, placed a new, very explicit photograph to Instagram on his birthday — August 14.

Ученые назвали продукт, который вызывает нереальный рост груди: "приятный аромат"

53-year-old actress appeared in a wet white t-shirt with the inscription “No Bra Club” (“club without a bra”). Face actress covered wavy hair, and his hands spread to the sides.

A day later the post brought together some 550 thousand Likes.

Among the contributors met as the stars and relatives of the actress.

“Happy birthday, Holly! What a beautiful creature. Love you, sister,” wrote the actress viola Davis, who starred in the movie “Widow”, “Maid”, “Fences”.

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