Scientists have named the main cause of impotence: who is under threat

Ученые назвали главную причину появления импотенции: кто под угрозой

Scientists have determined which factor most affects the appearance of impotence in men

This was told by a British doctor Seth Rankin.

He said that in most cases the blame for the failure of the representatives of a strong half of mankind to Express themselves fully in bed take women. They begin to blame themselves for not able to get an erection with partners.

Ученые назвали главную причину появления импотенции: кто под угрозой

However, according to Rankine, the guilt of women in this absolutely not. According to him, in most cases, the causes of erection problems are psychological factors and physiological characters. The main ones he identified improper consumption of drugs and the abuse of alcohol.

The doctor noted that the slow reactions that occur in the body after drinking alcohol proven by numerous studies. Moreover, the risk of dealing with persistent impotence increased by 70% in those men who have a dependence on alcoholic beverages.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered how the floors affect human health. Thus, it was found that the ideal floor for living, which would be the best way to affect health, does not exist. However, the researchers came to the conclusion that the optimum for the human body would be to stay on the ground-third floors.

Ученые назвали главную причину появления импотенции: кто под угрозой

Direct consumption of alcohol in large volumes directly before sex reduces not only the potency but also the severity of orgasm.

Note that according to statistics, in Ukraine, about half of men aged 40 to 70 years faced with the problems of potency in a given period of life.

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