Scientists have named the disease that deprived of life the day

Ученые назвали болезни, которые лишают жизни за сутки

Researchers were told what diseases are the most dangerous and can kill a person within 24 hours

Scientists have compiled a list of deadly diseases that kill human life during the day. The list included 12 diseases.

In the first place was a stroke. We are talking about acute blood supply disturbance of the brain characterized by the sudden appearance of cerebral neurological symptoms that persists for 24 hours and can lead to death of the patient.

Ученые назвали болезни, которые лишают жизни за сутки

The second position was taken by malaria. This is an infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes, P. falciparum, which are found most often in Africa, South America and Asia. The infection destroys the red blood cells that supply the body the oxygen, as a result, without rendering the qualified medical aid, the person can die per day.

In third place is dengue fever. This disease is also transferred by insects. In fourth place was the sudden cardiac arrest, the cause of which is heart rhythm disturbances. Death occurs within a few minutes.

Ученые назвали болезни, которые лишают жизни за сутки

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Fifth place went to pneumonic plague. In sixth place was meningococcemia. Seventh place went to the cholera, which threatens to fatal dehydration and death.

In eighth place, and diabetic ketoacidosis. This is a very severe complication of diabetes arises in the event of a sharp drop in insulin levels. Without assistance, the patient may fall into a coma and even die.

Ученые назвали болезни, которые лишают жизни за сутки

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On ninth position is located necrotizing fasciitis that occurs in the case of Contracting streptococcal infection. In tenth place is in septic shock. Eleventh place in the toxic shock syndrome in twelfth position — the Hantavirus infection.

Recall that scientists have discovered “disease X”: the world faces an epidemic of an unknown virus.

Scientists there was an outbreak of an unknown disease called the Disease X, which in a short time can develop into a global epidemic.

The virus is dangerous is similar to the Spanish flu, at the time, killed 5% of the population of the globe. Some time ago, scientists from the who reported that now the problem number 1 — to make possible the spread of the disease X because the risks are very great.

As reported Politeka, scientists have warned that the impending threat: “By 2040 sick 12 million”

Also Politeka wrote that researchers found that doctors may mistakenly assume people dead