Scientists have named the cause of sudden death: “blame…”

Ученые назвали причину внезапной смерти: "Во всем виноваты..."

Some patients during epilepsy there is a cessation of breathing that was previously a mystery

American scientists Western Connecticut state University have discovered why patients with epilepsy suddenly die. The issue was raised repeatedly, and was interested in bringing epileptics stop breathing for no reason.

Previously it was thought that during particularly strong attacks can sometimes be excessive neural excitation, which falls on the brain stem. In this case allegedly was a violation of heartbeat.

Ученые назвали причину внезапной смерти: "Во всем виноваты..."

However, a new study has found — to blame genetic mutation. Scientists experimented on mice with a mutation consistent with severe form of epilepsy (dravet syndrome). When this disease attacks can occur during heat and are difficult to control with drugs.

The studies revealed that changes occur in the gene Scn1a. The latter has an encoding proteins in the sodium channel in neurons.

For channels that are not function correctly, cells become overexcited. As a result they pass on their condition to other cells.

During the mutation Scn1a cells, which should inhibit the action of the brain becomes less active, and facilitated its excitement. However, the neurons in the brain stem responsible for breathing, begin to work faster. Described leads to death.

Ученые назвали причину внезапной смерти: "Во всем виноваты..."

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Scientists still don’t know why this process ends with a fatal outcome, but the cause of sudden death are respiratory neurons.

It is now planned to continue to study epilepsy in mice that have a mutation in the Scn1a only in the neurons of the brain stem or the cerebral cortex. If in the latter case, deaths are not observed, then the theory is refutable.

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