Scientists have made an unexpected statement about the effects of coffee and alcohol on health

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о влиянии кофе и алкоголя на здоровье

The scientists said, such as coffee and alcohol, which is considered to be harmful products affect the human body and its health

Active consumption of alcohol and coffee will help to live more than 90 years. To such a surprising conclusion reached by scientists from the University of California, Irvine.

It’s hard to believe, but alcohol and coffee may be the secret to longevity, as established by the American scientists. They proved that moderate doses of these drinks are associated with increased life expectancy over 90 years. However, the key here is the word moderate.

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о влиянии кофе и алкоголя на здоровье

The study called “90 +” started in 2003 among representatives of the oldest age group in order to determine which factors allow them to celebrate the ninetieth birthday and to continue to live. Naturally, the authors of the study took into account all the circumstances and made on the basis of their findings.

It turned out that people who consumed moderate amount of alcohol or coffee lived longer than those who drank no coffee, no alcohol. Moreover, having excess weight after 70 years the people lived longer than those who have it not, or mentioned in the budget deficit. More than 40% of people over 90 suffer from dementia, 80% were disabled. Both these phenomena occurred more frequently among women than among men.

Note that approximately half of the victims of dementia are older than 90 are not mentioned serious neuropathology in the brain, which could explain the loss of intelligence. People over 90 with the gene APOE2 rarely encountered clinical dementia, but most had characteristic senile dementia neuropathology in the brain.

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о влиянии кофе и алкоголя на здоровье

Use no more than two servings of beer or wine daily reduced the risk of premature death by 18% and drinking two cups of coffee a day reduced the likelihood of early departure from life by 10%

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