Scientists have learned to determine the level of intelligence of the unborn child.

Ученые научились определять уровень интеллекта ребенка еще в утробе

Researchers from the company’s Genomic Prediction came up with a way that will help to determine whether the fetus has any disorders of the mental development

It is worth noting that the new method says a scientist, first and foremost, on the presence or absence of developmental disabilities, which directly affects the ability to think.

Ученые научились определять уровень интеллекта ребенка еще в утробе

“Of course, we can weed out the less intelligent children on the stage of IVF, but this does not mean that we have to do it. The creation of “designer children” with the given level of IQ causes a lot of ethical issues”, — commented on the opening member of the research group.

International scientists and experts in the field of genetics using the latest technologies conducted a large-scale genetic study of the DNA of people from all over Ukraine and found a connection between Ukrainians and Russians.

In addition, this method to predict a child’s mental abilities suitable only for those babies who were conceived through in vitro fertilization or IVF.

Ученые научились определять уровень интеллекта ребенка еще в утробе

“Our method is not precise enough to predict the IQ for each embryo, but in the long term may indicate potential parents, which of the embryos with a high probability will have IQ below average and some above”, — said the representative of the company.

As told in the Ministry of social policy, more than 9 thousand pregnant women in Ukraine received the so-called “packs of kids”. The Ministry said that almost all parents can count on such assistance.

According to researchers from the Genomic Prediction, their method is based on the generic DNA, but it is held in more detail.

We will remind, the scientists said, what fruit is most beneficial to the baby if consumed during pregnancy.

As reported Politeka, baby-boxes will not all: the Ministry explained this is not worth to count on.

Also Politeka wrote that experts have identified the most important foods that should be eaten during pregnancy, so long-awaited child was born, healthy, and smart.