Scientists have learned how to slow down aging of the brain

Scientists from the University of Kentucky (USA) said that there is a diet that allows you to slow down brain aging.

According to the researchers, slow down brain aging and reduce the risk of neurogenerative diseases in laboratory mice, they managed only to put them on a ketogenic diet. The researchers believe that this diet will favorably affect human health.

Previously it was shown that the intestinal microflora can affect brain function. They can release or absorb substances that affect the activity of neurons. For example, bacteria consume KLE1738 GABA — gamma-aminobutyric acid, a major inhibitory neurotransmitter and relieves excitation of nerve cells.

In the study, researchers also found that some microbes affect the content of miRNAs in the tonsils and the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Antibiotics inhibits microflora, the result of which may cause mental disorders.

The study showed that a ketogenic diet (low carbohydrate diet with high fat content) improves brain blood flow and blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is necessary to protect the nervous system from circulating in the blood of microorganisms, toxins and components of the immune system.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which there were 2 groups of mice, 9 animals. The age of the mice 12-14 months. One group of mice received normal food, the other sat on a ketogenic diet.

After 16 weeks, the scientists saw that mice fed a low-carb food, improved balance of the intestinal microflora, decreased blood sugar, increased cerebral blood flow, but also improved the purification process of the nervous tissue from beta-amyloid — peptides, which are believed to be able to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

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Biologists claim that the results that were obtained, due to the fact that a ketogenic diet promotes the release of molecules of mTOR, which is necessary to increase life expectancy and neurovascular functions.

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