Scientists have identified the “source of pessimism” in the human brain

Ученые выявили «источник пессимизма» в головном мозге человека

Irregularities in the striped nucleus of the brain can be one of the main reasons for the development of such mental illnesses as depression.

Scientists at mit and Kyoto University were able to detect the part of the brain, the impact of which contributes to the development of pessimism. Information was published in the scientific journal Neuron.

According to experts, the constant pessimistic thoughts of a man are usually the symptoms of mental disorder. A group of researchers has identified a potential source of human emotional state, which is characterized by pessimistic people.

The article says that this brain region is likely responsible for the reactions that are associated with depression or anxiety, as well as their combination.

According to the findings of researchers such mental problems and disorders are very difficult to treat. In order to understand why the person overcomes anxiety and depression, it is necessary to understand the nature of emotion.

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