Scientists have identified the fastest creature on Earth, can reach speeds of up to 724 km/h

Ученые определили самое быстрое существо на Земле, развивающее скорость до 724 км/ч

The fastest creature on the planet was single-celled worm.

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology was named the fastest thing living on planet Earth. It’s not a Cheetah or some other animal, it’s just a worm single-celled Spirostomum ambiguum.

It lives in fresh water and its length is only 4 mm. the Worm moves very quickly through the cilia and contractions of the torso. Its maximum speed is 724 km / h. Tech

The group of researchers can’t figure out what the simplest creature reaches such high speeds. If the experts can figure out this secret, they will be able to create a miniature high-speed robots.

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