Scientists have identified an unexpected connection between the smartphone and sexual partners: “the worst effects”

Ученые выявили неожиданную связь между смартфоном и половыми партнерами: "худшие последствия"

Scientists have found that the fascination with smartphones is threatened and poor academic performance

Scientists from the universities of Minnesota, Chicago and Cambridge have established a link between dependence on smartphones, academic underachievement and sexual connections. This was found out during the study, which was attended by 3,425 students in the USA.

Students responded to 156 questions and it has helped scientists to make a presentation on the impact of dependence on smartphones for mental health.

Ученые выявили неожиданную связь между смартфоном и половыми партнерами: "худшие последствия"

As it turned out, 20% of respondents abused their mobile devices. The highest rates were observed in women — 64%.

They also found those who over the years have changed two or more sexual partners were more dependent on gadgets or 37.4% compared to 27.2% of “normal” smartphone users. Besides a big passion for gadgets, accompanied by alcohol abuse.

By the way, dependence on phones has an impact on academic achievement. But, it is worth noting the difference in average scores was small. Scientists do not exclude that the fascination with gadgets then will lead to worse consequences.

Experts claim that psychological problems push people to the continuous search of new and interesting gadgets. For example, it may be isolated, depressed people, as well as suffering from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

Recall, the Japanese experts created a solid polymer, like glass, which is recovering from the damage.

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The material was made in laboratory conditions. It doesn’t need heating. That glass recovered, you need to put a little pressure on it and connect the parts by hands, clutching.

Ученые выявили неожиданную связь между смартфоном и половыми партнерами: "худшие последствия"

According to the developers, the polymer will benefit in many areas. In particular, the new glass can used for the manufacture of screens of smartphones, tablets and other devices.

We will note, earlier the American scientists have developed glass that can be restored, increasing in size.

Also recall that the Chinese have created a unique material that can even overcome cancer. Researchers have developed liquid metal, which can be a building block in the production of motors.

Recall that the Chinese invented an unusual robot-spider.

As reported Politeka that robots collect brand-new Tesla.

Also Politeka wrote that there are TOP 7 occupations in which people are replaced by robots.