Scientists have identified a gene lazy: how justified loafers

Ученые выявили ген лентяев: как оправдали бездельников

Among animals there are active individuals and are lazy and slow create. It turned out that laziness as a special property inherent in the genome.

It was discovered by American researchers

Experts were able to detect rats specific gene PKIA associated directly with physical activity. In 2009, Frank Booth, one of the authors of the study selected 80 male and 80 female rats. Scientist long days watched as the rodents rotate the wheel, and on the basis of this experiment could divide the animals are physically active and those who avoid the load.

Booth crossed “athletes” to each other, “lazy” multiplied separately. So he was able to identify genetic features of both other rats. The result showed that the PKIA gene from the “lazy” rats were less.

Ученые выявили ген лентяев: как оправдали бездельников

Despite these studies it can be concluded that the tendency of some people to idleness, too, could be explained genetically, but it still need to confirm.

“Gene therapy is complicated by the fact that most chronic diseases are not caused by only one gene. For example, in diabetes mellitus 2-type attracted more than 150 genetic variations”, says Booth.

Also, according to him, sedentary lifestyle is the cause of more than 40 chronic diseases. Subsequent study of the “lazy” genes can help in their prevention.

Politeka earlier reported that scientists have described how Pets save their owners from death, reacting 60 minutes before symptoms of the disease.

Pets of people that suffer from diabetes of the first type, is able to determine low blood sugar from his master.

Ученые выявили ген лентяев: как оправдали бездельников

Researchers from the University of Bristol assessed the ability of 27 dogs within two to four months and compared their responses with the records of blood counts, which made their owners every time when the animal felt that something is wrong.

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They found that on average a dog properly warned their owners about 83% of cases of hypoglycaemia in more than 4,000 incidents. Some were able to predict the attack 60 minutes before the onset of symptoms.

It is also worth noting that Pets are able to detect in the early stages of dangerous diseases that we humans do not initially pay attention.

In the UK, the cat saved the owner from breast cancer. This wonderful cat named Missy (Missy) in the English city of Newcastle. Her owner Angela Tinning says that the cat “is not too affectionate, and rather irritable”, so not much went on hands and fins.

Ученые выявили ген лентяев: как оправдали бездельников

But a few years ago Missy started acting “atypical” was mistress to lie down like she was jumping on her chest. The woman listened to the sensations, I realized that in the breast of her pain, and went to the doctors. Those found in tissue pre-cancerous cells and underwent surgery to remove them.

The doctors said that if Tinning insisted on examination the disease might not see for another few months and this would have led to more dire consequences…

Recall that cancer can be recognized by smell, scientists have found a clue

As reported Politeka, scientists presented a new method that will help to lull the cancer cells forever.

Also Politeka wrote how modern medicine treats incurable.