Scientists have found who is in great danger before the mosquitoes: “Bite, because…”

Ученые выяснили, кто в большой опасности перед комарами: "Кусают, потому что..."

Mosquitoes find victims by the following characteristics: it should even look to the color of their clothes

Dutch scientist-entomologist of Youp van Loon from Wageningen University told how the mosquitoes find victims. According to him, the insects track humans by the carbon dioxide gas, which goes away from us.

The mosquito on the street is focused on a trace gas, and in the room he hears not only gas, but also focuses on the human evaporation, discharge and temperature of bodies. Especially blood-sucking insects are interested in the chemical compounds formed by microbes on the skin.

Ученые выяснили, кто в большой опасности перед комарами: "Кусают, потому что..."

One of the data, mosquitoes are most attracted victims with a homogeneous composition of bacteria. This became known thanks to experiments carried out in 2011. However, this applies primarily to men.

Dutch scientist notes that the composition of skin bacteria caused by different parameters, in particular, genetics, depending on the state of the environment. A person is not able to control the composition of bacteria on their skin, but some habits can contribute to changes in flora. So, to affect bacteria by using alcohol consumption, Smoking, abuse of sugar and frequent use of detergents.

In addition, mosquitoes are more likely to pay attention to black, so the man in black clothes is in particular danger. And should not wear blue and red color — insects distinguish them and attack.

Recall that there are 5 types of people particularly attracted to the blood sucking. Mosquitoes always pay more attention to the person with high blood sugar. Insects believe that the red liquid is more nutritious. The main prey for them — the sweet tooth and diabetics.

Ученые выяснили, кто в большой опасности перед комарами: "Кусают, потому что..."

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Mosquitoes are partial to athletes, which produce lactic acid. In addition, insect-like people with excess weight. The level of carbon dioxide exhaled by these people is very high.

Mosquitoes love people with first blood. This was reported by the scientists who conducted the study even 2004. 85% of people are genes, the body gives signals and mosquitoes recognize them.

You should be very careful, as mosquitoes are carriers of infection. For example, they are infected with the encephalitis-like mites. The doctors asked to walk away from the water and to use frightening off means.

Recall that scientists have created a cure for a dangerous disease, it will save millions.

As reported Politeka, scientists have discovered how to protect people from bloodsuckers.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have figured out what kind of music I hate mosquitoes: “do not bite”.