Scientists have found water in space: an incredible breakthrough, “there may be life”

Ученые нашли воду в космосе: невероятный прорыв, "здесь может быть жизнь"

Astronomers found that the planet K2-18b, which is located 110 light years from Earth, can be more than half composed of water vapor

The results of the study described in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy, announced on 11 September Agency the Associated Press.

Planet K2-18b, which were examined by scientists, opened in 2015, the orbiting Kepler telescope. It revolves around a red dwarf in the constellation of the Lion in “the habitable zone”.
The mass of the K2-18b is eight times larger than the earth in size it is twice bigger than our planet.

Ученые нашли воду в космосе: невероятный прорыв, "здесь может быть жизнь"

Thus K2-18b refers to the type of supertall – the planets, whose dimensions are in the range between the masses of Earth and Neptune.

A new study has shown that in the atmosphere of the K2-18b are water vapor, and molecules of hydrogen and helium. The authors suggest that there must also be nitrogen and methane, however, available data cannot confirm this hypothesis.

According to one of the study’s authors, Angelos Tsiaras, K2-18b cannot be called “second Earth”, and not just because it is bigger than our planet.

Conditions on its surface are much more severe, and the composition of the atmosphere she’s different. However, the opening allows you to get closer to the answer to the question of how unique is our planet and if she had analogues in the Universe.

Ученые нашли воду в космосе: невероятный прорыв, "здесь может быть жизнь"

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The scientists also did not rule out that surveyed the planet can be inhabited by any life forms.

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