Scientists have found the cause of death of the Neanderthals: “a common disease”

Ученые выяснили причину смерти неандертальцев: «обычная для нас болезнь»

The mystery of the death of the Neanderthals revealed

It turns out that the cause of their extinction is normal for the modern human infection.

Scientists have found the reason why the Neanderthals disappeared. It is not some kind of global catastrophe, in a banal disease, which is familiar to modern man, writes edition the Independent.

Ученые выяснили причину смерти неандертальцев: «обычная для нас болезнь»

It turns out that the Neanderthals disappeared from the face of the Earth due to ear infections.

According to experts, now this disease can be treated with antibiotics. But the Neanderthals suffered from an ear infection, which provoked their hearing loss and even pneumonia.

According to scientists, Neanderthals ears were like the ears of today’s children and age had not changed at all.

“When we first reconstructed the Eustachian tubes of the Neanderthals, we found that they are remarkably infant,” said a sensational detail to the scientific world one of the study’s authors, Professor Samuel Marquez from University of the Sciences in new York.

He explained: “middle-ear Infections are widespread among infants, because the angle of their Eustachian tube retains bacteria that cause these infections – the same corner we found in Neanderthals”.

The shape of the ear of the modern child begins to change around when the kid is five years old and already the infection is not so terrible. But with the ears of Neanderthals that didn’t happen.

Recall that the Neanderthals lived on the territory of modern Europe and Western Asia. They appeared about 450 thousand years ago, and then died out.

Ученые выяснили причину смерти неандертальцев: «обычная для нас болезнь»

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