Scientists have found scary at the bottom of two oceans, “at night heard the groans of the” details

Ученые нашли страшное на дне двух океанов, «по ночам слышны стоны»: подробности

Scientists have recorded an anomaly at the bottom of two oceans, research is ongoing

Scientists from Canada at the next Symposium presented their incredible observations. About it reports the edition “news of the world”.

The article said that for a long time they investigated the bottom of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The results of these studies have shown that they make loud noises like moans. And the start it happen about three years ago.

Today, scientists are unable to explain this phenomenon, offering a different speculation.

Ученые нашли страшное на дне двух океанов, «по ночам слышны стоны»: подробности

When at the Symposium they presented a recording of unintelligible groans, it is quite much frightened observers. Some, on the contrary, was delighted when he heard this. Most notable is the fact that these groans are not chaotic. Moreover, to fix them was possible only at night.

The scientists also presented a picture, which was disguised in incomprehensible technique on the bottom of the ocean. There was metal debris, scattered over a large distance. Soon scientists want to understand what it is actually. According to them, each time, to catch the groans becoming problematic.

Soon you will learn the basic hypotheses of the origin of the strange sounds that have interested the scientific world. As for the debris, after the end of the Symposium, many scientists are talking about a special alien base or on old military bases.

Ученые нашли страшное на дне двух океанов, «по ночам слышны стоны»: подробности

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