Scientists have found and destroyed the gene age: what happened

Ученые нашли и уничтожили ген старости: что из этого вышло

Scientists were able to find and block the genes responsible for the aging process

Biologists from the Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne have managed to remove the “gene age.” As writes the edition Molecular Cell, the scientists were able in this way to slow aging of the intestine of mice and extended the life of worms-nematodes.

It is reported that they of DNA deleted gene, which “interfered with normal clearance of cells from the damaged power plants”.

Ученые нашли и уничтожили ген старости: что из этого вышло

“With the onset of old age in animal cells begin to accumulate tangles of protein PUF2, interfering RNA molecules responsible for clearing the cells of damaged mitochondria,” — say the scientists.

Therefore, in their words, “the destruction of such substances, or the lock may protect against the aging of the body”.

Biologists say that in young cells the substance “plays a positive role, conveying the instructions for the synthesis of other peptides from the nucleus to the parts of the cell where new proteins are going, making some changes to their formula.”

Thus, according to the researchers, “in old cells, these molecules begin to stray into balls, and hinder, not to help RNA by surrounding them with threads insurmountable barriers.” In particular, it has substance MFF, which “plays a critical role in the process of disposing of damaged mitochondria”.

Biologists decided to try to remove or inhibit the activity of PUM2 in DNA, and stated that their method “has rejuvenated the mitochondria in the cells of the intestine of mice and in the whole body of the worms, allowing them to live considerably longer than relatives without such modification of DNA”.

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Ученые нашли и уничтожили ген старости: что из этого вышло

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