Scientists have found an unusual way to identify dangerous diseases

Ученые нашли необычный способ выявлять опасные заболевания

Researchers have discovered a new method of detecting fatal ailments. Using the fluorescent light can detect dangerous diseases in the human body

Scientists have found that people who have in the body contains high levels of certain proteins, often others can develop dangerous diseases such as diabetes 2-type and heart failure.

Proteins, called the end products of glycation or AGE, often associated with high blood sugar, stiff arteries and high blood pressure. The formation and accumulation of these proteins are involved in the development of diseases associated with aging. AGE but reflect fluorescent light, and thus can be detected when the highlighting of the skin.

Ученые нашли необычный способ выявлять опасные заболевания

This conclusion was made by scientists of Groningen University in the analysis of data 72 880 healthy participants of Dutch studies. Doctors searched for the presence of AGE proteins, which are formed during the formation of proteins or lipids under the influence of sugar.

Scientists shone a skin area of 4 cm2 with the help of device Diagnostics and were able to measure the wavelength of light that is reflected back.

Four years later, after the experiment at 1056 volunteers developed diabetes of the 2nd type, 1258 patients were diagnosed with heart disease and 928 people have died.

Studies have shown that AGE levels were higher in those patients who later developed diabetes or heart disease. Doctors also take into account such factors as age, waist circumference, blood pressure and Smoking.

Ученые нашли необычный способ выявлять опасные заболевания

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Scientists believe that this diagnosis is not necessarily a need for a specialized institution. Research can be conducted much faster, in public places and at home without professional assistance.

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It is accepted that the level of AGE is higher in diabetics due to high sugar level in the blood and internal stress. Symptoms are also associated with the accumulation of plaque in the arteries and inflammation.

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