Scientists have found an unexpected way to get rid of drug addiction: “the Salvation of thousands of people”

Ученые нашли неожиданный способ избавиться от наркозависимости: "Спасение для тысяч людей"

Scientists spoke about how the good memories help to get rid of dependencies

Text exercise increases feelings of happiness in people with addiction to psychoactive substances.

Scientists from the research Institute of rehabilitation at the Massachusetts General hospital checked whether the increase of positive psychological exercises happiness of people recovering from drug use, according to Hyser.

Ученые нашли неожиданный способ избавиться от наркозависимости: "Спасение для тысяч людей"

In the framework of a randomized online survey of over 500 adults in the past, suffered from the problem of consumption of psychoactive substances were allocated to one of five short text exercises, the fulfillment of which took an average of four minutes.

Participants reported the greatest success in achieving happiness after you complete the exercise called “the Revival of the happy moments” in the course of which they chose one of their own photos that captured the happy moment and introduced a text that describes what is happening in the pictures.

The exercise called “Rescue,” in which the participants described two of the positive experiences that they noticed and appreciated for the previous day led to the next to the highest achievements in happiness, followed by “rose, thorn, Bud”, in which they listed the highlights and challenges of the previous day and expected the fun to the next day.

Conversely, the activity “3 the hard things” in which participants were asked to write about challenges they have faced for the previous day led to a significant reduction in the level of happiness.

Ученые нашли неожиданный способ избавиться от наркозависимости: "Спасение для тысяч людей"

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The authors note that the ease of use and the effectiveness of these positive psychological exercises allows their use as promising tools to enhance the happiness during treatment, which can help in long term recovery.

“The results of our study emphasize the importance of the positive experience with rehabilitation,” says hoeppner, Bettina (Bettina B. Hoeppner), associate Professor of psychology at Harvard medical school.

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